Kelly Sims, Website DesignOomph Studios is a brand and website design service company that was born out of my passion for website design. My name is Kelly Sims and yes, I am a website nerd. I love designing websites, building them, customizing them and watching the results of my clients’ visions come to life on the screen.

I began creating websites by building my first business’ website in 2007 using some online tutorials, a book on HTML and a little help from my tech-savvy brother.  When a colleague saw the results of my work, she asked me to customize her website. After listening to my protests of, “I’m not a web designer,” and promptly ignoring them, she insisted that I at least try. Well, try I did and she loved the results. This spiraled and after about a year of consistently being approached by clients for web design projects even after insisting “I am not a website designer,” I came to the realization that I LOVE DESIGNING WEBSITES. I began reading more about CSS and HTML – all the stuff that sounds absolutely sleep inducing to normal people was positively enthralling to me and finally, I added Web design to my list of services in 2009. Today, Oomph Studios uses WordPress to make our websites more user-friendly for our clients and I am just as passionate about design today as I was when I first came to the realization that I LOVE THIS STUFF!

Okay, so now you know all about me, next it’s time to head over to our Portfolio and see what we can do for YOU!