Announcing the Oomph Referral Rewards Program!

We have some exciting news to share with you today. Please have a look at our latest press release for the details and then head over to our Rewards page to learn all about our new Rewards Program!

Montreal Area Website Design & Branding Company Launches Referral Rewards Program

Montreal, QC – New Website Design and Branding company offers thanks in the form of referral rewards.

Referral Rewards ProgramOomph Studios, a Canadian Website Design and branding company established in early 2012 has announced the launch of a new referral rewards program. The company intends to compensate individuals and companies who refer others to their services by paying out 10% of the total project cost.

Company owner and self-proclaimed “web design geek” Kelly Sims began the program as a way to show gratitude to clients for their loyalty and is now opening the program to the general public. Sims explained, “Most of our clients come to us by word of mouth. They’ve usually been referred by clients who have previously worked with us. In the past, I’ve offered compensation for referrals by providing discounts on services, but I wanted to offer more, a bigger thank you,” she continued. “We wanted to show our clients how grateful we are for their support and their loyalty, and what better way to say thanks than by sharing in our returns? And then we figured, why stop there? Why not offer rewards to anyone who sends us referrals?”

The program, officially opened to the public on March 17th, offers 10% compensation for any referrals sent to Oomph Studios by participants. The program offers incentives to prospective customers in the form of promotions. Coupon codes and links are sent to program members at the start of each promotion. Members then use these coupons and links to promote the program through their social networks, websites, in person, or any other way they choose.

The company is offering $200 off their standard “Website with Oomph!” package as the current promotion until April 1st 2012 when their next promotion will begin. A program member who refers an individual or company that then purchases a “Website with Oomph!” package using the current promotion, will receive 10% of the service cost – a value of $119.50 for the referral.

“Even if there is no promotion ongoing, or someone is referred and they choose a different service than that being promoted, the referrer will still receive 10% of the project price,” Sims explained. “All referrals for any of Oomph Studio’s services will result in compensation of 10% of the project cost for the referrer as our way of saying thanks.”

Oomph Studios provides website and graphic design services to clients worldwide. More information about the company, or about the Oomph Rewards Program can be found on their website at


The Mystery Of The Website That Can’t Be Found

Search Engine Optimization for Your WebsiteSo you have a brand spanking new website. It exhibits your company’s professionalism and exceptional skill.  It’s pretty and shiny and everything you hoped it would be, so why aren’t you getting any new customers? It’s a mystery that many website owners are frequently left to contemplate once their website has been designed and published for the world to see.

The answer to the mystery is really actually quite simple. It’s SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION and if your website doesn’t have it, it will quite likely be lost in the great abyss that is the World Wide Web. Search Engine Optimization, or SEO will make your website easier for search engines like Google and Yahoo! to find. If done well, your website will rank better when someone searches for one of your keywords.

Have I lost you yet? This is one of the things that most of my clients find positively mind-numbingly boring, but it’s essential if you want your website to help you increase your bottom line. So, let’s liven things up a little by using an example.  Let’s say you own a Rodeo Clown company called “Foolish Jim’s Rodeo Clown Co.” located in Burlington, Vermont. The first step in optimizing your website would be to determine what words and/or phrases people would use to search for a company like yours on Google, Yahoo! or Bing. These phrases are called “keywords.” I personally don’t have any rodeo clown companies as clients (yet :-)), so I have never done any keyword research on the topic, but there are tools out there to help you choose which are the best keywords for which to optimize your website, such as Google’s keyword tool and Wordtracker. Some keywords that we might come up with for this company could be “Vermont Rodeo Clowns,” or “Burlington Rodeo Cowboys” for example.

Once you have determined which keywords you’d like to optimize for, the next step is on-site search engine optimization. This means that you strategically place these keywords in important places on your website so that the search engines will find your website when they are bringing up results for your keywords.  Some examples of good places to add your keywords are:

  • In your page title
  • In your page headers
  • As “alt” tags in your page images
  • Peppered strategically throughout your website’s text
  • In your meta description – (ask your web designer if you’re not sure how to access this)
  • In your URL

A blog that focuses on your area of expertise is another great way of providing the search engines with fresh content that can be optimized for SEO purposes.

The next phase of SEO is getting your site’s URL out on the worldwide web by creating links to your website from other sites. Some of my favorite ways to do this are:

  • Using Social Media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc., etc., etc.)
  • Writing and distributing online articles
  • Writing and distributing online press releases
  • Submitting your company to industry directories
  • Commenting on blogs and or forums that are related to your industry

So there you have it, mystery solved! With a little work on SEO your shiny new website can actually be all that you imagined it would be and do what it was meant to do – bring you business!

Press Release Announcing the Grand opening of Oomph Studios!

Montreal Area Website Design & Branding Company Celebrates Grand Opening

Montreal, QC – Website design and branding company celebrates their launch by offering big discounts to clients.

Oomph Studios, a new Montreal-based Website Design and branding company has announced its grand opening on February 1st. The company is celebrating its launch by offering large discounts on its website design services through the months of February and March.

Although the company itself is new, the businesses’ owner has previously run a successful Virtual Assistance company and has been working on website design since 2007. She had this to say about her business’ transition, “More and more clients were approaching me for design services. I loved being a virtual assistant, but I was becoming increasingly aware that the reason I loved it so much was the fact that I was doing a lot of design work. It became my passion.”

Oomph Studios not only provides website design services, but also offers branding services including the design of logos, pamphlets, and other branding materials. These services are offered through their on-staff graphic designer. “We’re basically a full-service design company. Our very talented graphic designer, Francois Leclerc has been working on projects for my virtual assistance company for years and my clients love his work, so he’s made the transition to Oomph Studios with me,” said Sims on the other design services she offers.

Although the company is based in the Montreal area, they provide services to businesses all over the world. “Coming from a Virtual Assistance background, I’m used to working with people from all over the globe and I’ll continue to do that with my design company,” Sims stated. “There’s no need to be situated close to someone in order to design their website, or logo. The Web has really made the world a smaller place. My process doesn’t change whether someone is located 2 blocks away, or on the other side of the world.”

To celebrate the launch of the company, the business is offering $200 off website design for all websites comprised of 6 or more pages through the months of February and March.

Oomph Studios’ portfolio of work can be found on their website at

My First Blog Post on my First Day of Operating Oomph Studios…

In this, my first blog post on the first day of operating my new business, I’m going to address the question that everyone and their mother has been asking me leading up to the big launch, “Why Oomph Studios?” When I chose this name, I honestly thought it was fairly obvious why I named it as I did, but according to my husband, my colleagues, my family, some friends, and the strange lady making small talk with me at the bank,  the name is not as understandable as I first though.

First, deciding on a business name isn’t an easy thing. There are lots of other businesses out there and often your first choice for a business name is already taken and the URL not available. Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case. My first choice actually was Oomph! (the ‘Studios’ was added later).  I wanted my new businesses name to be punchy (read short) and memorable, both of which are traits that the name Oomph Studios happily possesses, but I also wanted it to reflect what my clients ask me for. So here was my line of thinking: What are the most common things that a client asks me for when I design a website? Are you ready? Here they are, the 3 most common things I hear from clients who have hired me to design their website:

  1. It has to be beautiful
  2. It has to look clean
  3. It has to have….OOMPH!

And voila! There is the reason for my business name. It’s because of my very extraordinary clients requesting outstanding websites with “OOMPH!”  So, on my first blog post on the first day of operating Oomph Studios, I’d like to thank my clients for inspiring me to give my own company “OOMPH!”