In this, my first blog post on the first day of operating my new business, I’m going to address the question that everyone and their mother has been asking me leading up to the big launch, “Why Oomph Studios?” When I chose this name, I honestly thought it was fairly obvious why I named it as I did, but according to my husband, my colleagues, my family, some friends, and the strange lady making small talk with me at the bank,  the name is not as understandable as I first though.

First, deciding on a business name isn’t an easy thing. There are lots of other businesses out there and often your first choice for a business name is already taken and the URL not available. Luckily for me, that wasn’t the case. My first choice actually was Oomph! (the ‘Studios’ was added later).  I wanted my new businesses name to be punchy (read short) and memorable, both of which are traits that the name Oomph Studios happily possesses, but I also wanted it to reflect what my clients ask me for. So here was my line of thinking: What are the most common things that a client asks me for when I design a website? Are you ready? Here they are, the 3 most common things I hear from clients who have hired me to design their website:

  1. It has to be beautiful
  2. It has to look clean
  3. It has to have….OOMPH!

And voila! There is the reason for my business name. It’s because of my very extraordinary clients requesting outstanding websites with “OOMPH!”  So, on my first blog post on the first day of operating Oomph Studios, I’d like to thank my clients for inspiring me to give my own company “OOMPH!”

  1. Love, love, love the Oomph! branding, Kelly. You’re such a talent that knows how to blend the pretty with the all important Oomph. Rock on doing what you do so well.

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      Thanks so much for the kind words Ruth!! Glad you like the new site!

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