Web Design Company Introduces Affordable Payment Plans for Websites

Montreal, QC – Oomph Studios Website Design and Branding has just announced that they will begin offering payment plans to web design clients.

Oomph Studios, a Montreal area website design and branding company has just revealed their latest attempt at making getting online more accessible for individuals and businesses. As of June 1st, 2012, the company is introducing payment plans for all of their website design packages.

Kelly Sims, owner of Oomph Studios explained this move, “My reason for doing this is quite simple: With the economy in the shape it’s been in for the past few years, more and more people who can’t find work are opting to become self-employed. Being self-employed myself, I think that this is a fantastic move, but I also know from past experience that start-up companies struggle financially. Offering payment plans so that these businesses have an easier time getting online means that they’ll struggle less while gaining access to a much larger market than they would without a website.”

The company who previously introduced a low-cost, non-custom design service for businesses on a budget is now looking to monthly payments as a way of assisting business owners to get online and get access to more customers. Oomph Studios currently offers packages ranging from fully customized websites, to their affordable, non-custom Website-in-a-Week package. The new payment plans will apply to all Web Design packages and payments will be taken from their client’s credit cards on a monthly basis.

“We will offer 12, 6, and 3 month plans depending on the web design package chosen and the client’s payment preferences of course. I’m really hoping this will encourage businesses looking to get a web presence, or looking to change their current website to take the plunge and know that it can be done painlessly with installments,” Sims explained. “You can buy just about anything with a monthly payment plan these days, so why not websites?”

Oomph Studios provides website and graphic design services to clients worldwide. To learn more about the company, or to view their portfolio, visit their website at https://oomphwebdesign.ca/.

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