1. You earn 10% of what we earn from customers that you’ve referred to us.
  2. You’ll be paid when we get our final payment from the client on the project(s).
  3. If a customer that you’ve referred doesn’t pay us, sorry, we can’t pay you because we haven’t been paid.
  4. There is no minimum payout. We pay you as soon as we have received payment from our client to our bank account, so there will be no need for you to request payment.
  5. Although we automatically approve affiliates, we review applications and reserve the right to reject you from the program if you are promoting our services in a way that violates laws, or that is in any way annoying to our potential clients. We also reserve the right to reject you from the program at our discretion. Typically these rejections will occur if your website promotes violence, sexually explicit materials, racism, or any illegal activities.
  6. We pay through PayPal. So you’re going to need to get a PayPal account if you don’t have one.